1. verb
(with to)
1) (to add up to: The bill amounted to $15.) znašati
2) (to be equal to: Borrowing money and not returning it amounts to stealing.) pomeniti (enako kot)
2. noun
(a quantity, especially of money: a large amount of money in the bank.) znesek
* * *
I [əmáunt]
znesek, količina, vrednost; pomen; figuratively posledica
amount of balance — saldo
a fair amount — precejšen znesek precejšnja količina
any amount of nonsense — same neumnosti
to the amount of — do zneska
what is the amount of? — koliko znaša?
with due amount of care — zelo previdno, skrbno
II [əmáunt]
intransitive verb (to) znašati, veljati
what does the bill amount to? — koliko znaša račun?
it amounts to the same thing — to je isto
it does not amount to much — ni veliko vredno
what does it amount to? — kaj to pomeni?

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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